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Find and buy alcohol and alcohol mixes in just a few clicks on eBay

Are you planning a big wedding or that significant birthday party or just want to order your alcohol online? Maybe you are stocking the office bar or your own bar at home. Buying alcohol online with eBay is an easy and convenient way to purchase alcohol and alcohol mixes.

Wine cases at great prices

Whether you drink red or prefer white, you will find wine to purchase by dozen or half dozen cases. Choose from a range of mixed cases that boast South Australian, Victorian and New Zealand Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. These come from wineries like Act IV; Cracker Jack; The Critic; De Bortoli; Bloombury Tale and Murray Bend. If you prefer red wine, find dozen cases of Hardy’s 2012 Anniversary Shiraz, or the half dozen case of their VR classic 2013 or Nottage Hill Merlot. You can also purchase mixed red dozens from a range of wineries and even wine and spirit mixed dozens. Buying by the case or half case means you are paying less than $10.00 per bottle from quality wineries.

Whisky lovers and collectors

If you are a collector of fine whiskey, find special edition Johnny Walker Blue Label Zodiac White Monkey edition ( 43% proof) and Blue Label in the special Leather Suitcase edition. Bottles of standard Johnny Walker Blue Label are also available. Choose a special edition Johnny Walker 21 year old whisky. If Japanese whisky is your dram, find 12 year old Hibiki, the highest class blended whisky from Suntory, made from single malts from Yamazaki and Hakushu. These are often aged with a very rare Japanese oak.

Top shelf and spirits

From vodka to French Cognac, rums and gins, there is an easy way to shop for spirits and liqueurs. You can shop by the spirit type to reveal all the products and choices available to purchase online. eBay make it easy to shop for alcohol and alcohol mixes online. You can shop by category such as spirits, wine, and even find alcohol accessories like wine racks or chillers and coolers. Start ordering now!

Alcohol Afterpay

Enjoy now and pay later with Afterpay at eBay. Get your party started with a variety of alcoholic drinks and mixers including vodka, wine, beer and gin. We’ve got you covered with Afterpay, meaning you can get your alcohol online now and pay it off with 4 interest-free payments over 8 weeks.