Algae Wafer Fish Food

Give your fish a snack that's good for them with algae flakes fish food made from compressed vegetable matter and nutrient-rich algae. One of the benefits of algae flakes and wafers is that they float on the surface while the fish eat, although you can find wafers and fish pellets that will sink to the bottom of the tank if you have bottom-dwelling fish species.

Bottom-Dwelling Fish Food

If you've got a mixture of aggressive and passive fish in your tank, consider purchasing an algae fish food that will float to the bottom of the tank. This allows less aggressive individuals to feed in peace without having to fight against other fish. High-quality algae fish flakes also have the added benefit of not clouding the water, ensuring its quality remains clean and healthy.

Optimised Nutrients

Algae fish flakes are optimised with vegetable and protein content to provide your fish with all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and body functions. These fish tank supplies are the equivalent of a power bar that will give their body systems a boost to help them thrive and live a long life.

Algae Wafer Diet

Algae flakes or wafers are best fed in small amounts two or three times a day, rather than one large feeding. Only put in as much food as your fish will consume within two minutes and remove any flakes that have not been eaten within one hour to prevent your fish from overeating and impacting on the water quality.

Spirulina Flakes

Spirulina flakes are a great diet supplement for your fish as they contain amino and fatty acids that serve as the building blocks for proteins. This blue-green algae has proven beneficial for primarily herbivorous fish species when fed in conjunction with other nutrient-rich fish foods and algae flakes.