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Alienware Desktop & All-In-One PCs

You’re rounding the corner. You know the enemy will soon be in sight. Fingers on the trigger, eyes darting over the screen, you know the ambush is coming and every molecule in your body is on high alert. There he is! You push the trigger. You push the trigger. You push the trigger… but, but… The screen lags, your vision is compromised, and the only thing you know is that you’re dead, buddy. Upgrade your desktop computer to a gaming PC, and your gaming woes will be a thing of the past. Whether youre looking for an Alienware desktop PC or an alternative gaming computer, eBay is sure to have the gaming PC of your dreams.

What to look for when buying a gaming PC

The video card is the most important factor when considering a gaming computer. You want those high res, highly detailed graphics! It’s always hard to know how a video card will stack up, so look for reviews of various models before making your choice. The CPU is the processor of your gaming PC, and it’s the second most important aspect in regards to gaming performance. Clock speed and the number of cores are the important factors here. You’re looking for high numbers in both, although the number of cores is ever-so-slightly more important than clock speed. You’ll want at least 4GB of RAM. The hard drive won’t have much impact on your gaming, other than reducing loading times. You’ll probably want to make sure the storage is big enough for game installations, though. Other considerations will be the sound card, internet connection options, networking, and other potential upgrades. Sometimes useful, sometimes used purely to drive up profit, always explore the exact specifications to see if it’s something you really want and need, or whether you can do without it. Without a doubt, whatever your desire in a gaming PC, you’re sure to find it right here on eBay, and keep those trigger fingers happy.