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Alienware desktops for the ultimate gaming experience

Alienware is a computer hardware manufacturer in America which specialises in desktops for high-end gaming systems. It was founded in 1995 As Sakai of Miami, Inc. The name was changed to Alienware in 1996.

Alienware is a subsidiary of the well-known brand called Dell, who purchased Alienware in 2006. However, the design and marketing of their products is still controlled by the Alienware team itself. Choose from a huge range of slick designs and get stuck in with your gaming.

As Alienware gaming PCs have high-end graphics capacity by default so you can have an epic time while playing your video games, they are popular for virtual reality applications both within and beyond gaming.

The story behind the Alienware brand

According to the founders, the brand name was chosen largely because of their fondness for the original X-Files TV programme. This is also behind their product line names, which are largely themed after UFO conspiracy theory icons like Alienware Area-51, Hangar18, and Aurora.

Superior gaming desktops for hard-core gamers

Alienware's Alpha, Andromeda, Area 51 and X51 lines are all high-end specialised gaming platforms. As such, they deliver high-end components with new multi-core processors. The latest Aurora models, for example, is available with overclocked 6-core Intel Core i7 CPUs, dedicated GPUs, single or dual graphics cards by Radeon, or even the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti in the on-board PCIe slots. It can operate as much as 64 GB of dual channel, 2666MHz DDR4 RAM, and ships with up to 3TB of hard drive or SSD space, with separate boot and storage HDDs/SSDs. Most are available with Windows 10 Home as standard. Memory upgrades are available with some models. A far cry from old-school electronic games, Alienware encourages customers to order bespoke build-your-own models, so you can get exactly what you are after.