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Alienware Laptops and Notebooks

Alienware Laptops and Notebooks

When it comes to gaming, Alienware laptops are dedicated to the promise that you can take it with you. Unlike other Dell laptops that balance performance and power efficiency, Alienware machines are built from the ground up for no holds barred performance. With high-end processors and power-hungry video cards, they are the epitome of the premise that portability doesnt mean compromising performance.

Alienware 17

When you want an Alienware 4.0 GHz or more laptop, your first stop is the Alienware 17. This massive beast offers up to a 4K screen, and what drives it is a quad-core i7 processor that can boost up to 4.40 GHz. Starting at 16 GB of RAM and featuring an 8 GB Nvidia GTX 1080 video card, it shows the benefits of uncompromising performance. Its not a small computer, but that isnt why you want it.

Alienware 15

Stepping down in size doesnt mean stepping down in capability. Even limited to 3.8 GHz, the Alienware 15 balances power with portability. Its almost as powerful as its bigger brother, but its much more portable. You can still get a GTX 1080 video card and a 4K screen, and you can even mix SSDs with rotating hard drives for both performance and storage capacity.

Alienware 13

For some people, even the Alienware 15 is too big for easy transport. Dropping down to the Alienware 13 gives you that smaller and lighter form factor without giving up the ability to game. You can get a high resolution touch screen, as well as a full 1 TB SSD drive for all the storage you could want.

Other Alienware Laptops

Alienware has been building PC laptops for years, and many of the earlier models still feature processors and dedicated graphics cards for excellent performance in many of todays most demanding games, such as the Alienware 3.0 to 3.49 GHz laptop. Whether you want a full size 17-inch laptop or something smaller, there are lots of options to let you get the gaming experience you want.