Alligator Clips

Other Alligator Clips

Alligator clips are some of the most important but also underrated pieces of test equipment you can buy. Getting their name from the saw-toothed edges along the jaws, they are perfect for any situation where you have to create a temporary electrical connection. You can bridge gaps, or connect testing equipment in a matter of moments.

Testing Equipment

No matter what kind of other test measurement and inspection equipment you may be using, it all basically ends up as an electrical metre. While some rely on simple contact probes, many more use alligator clips because they do not come loose just as youre making the test.

Test Leads

Alligator clips are extremely common on test leads. With a clip on each end, leads let you bridge circuits very easily. All you have to do is attach the clips to any terminal you want to bridge. You can also use them for temporary repairs of broken circuits.

RCD Testers

One form of tester that does not need to use alligator clips is RCD tester other test and measurement devices. With designs to check residual current devices, they are an important piece of electrical safety equipment. The way they work is that the unit plugs directly into a mains power point and induces a current imbalance in order to determine how much of an imbalance would be necessary to trip the RCD. An RCD is a device that detects a current imbalance like one that a person touching a live circuit might cause, and it immediately shuts off the circuit to protect the person.

Jumper Cables

Alligator clips are an important part of jumper cables, providing the connection you need to get the current flowing from one car to another. Unlike most alligator clips, these use a very strong spring to ensure they stay on the battery. Always connect the Earth first when jumping a car, and only then connect the hot lead.