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Originally a supplier to the United States military, Alpha Industries manufactures premium quality jackets and coats for men and women. Their range is designed specifically for cold conditions, and is made to last a number of seasons. Although they are inspired by military-style clothing, they are very practical and look stylish when worn over jeans, leggings, or any other winter outfit. 

Men can choose from a classic zip front bomber style. This is a great jacket for autumn or a mild winter. it's 100% nylon with polyester infill and features snap pockets, a ribbed collar cuffs and hem. If you're headed for the cold, invest in an Explorer N-3B. This jacket in was designed as part of the N-3B series, for servicemen who flew in extremely cold climates. 

Alpha Industries also has a great range for women. The most popular is the reversible bomber jacket, which is slim-fitting and has a sleek nylon finish. Women also love the slimline long parka with extra big pockets for easy storage of wallets, phones and keys. This parka was designed to be worn in the snow, and also features a faux fur hood. The coats are roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath, and offer plenty of movability. 

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