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Solar Panel Set-up

There is much more to a solar panel set-up than just solar panels. Not only do the correct solar panels have to provide a sufficient level of power, the system also needs an effective battery to store the harnessed power, as well as a solar regulator. Sometimes referred to as solar charge controllers, solar regulators are a vital part of any standalone solar system.

A 12 volt solar panel can produce anything between 12 and 21 volts, which would overcharge and damage a battery were it to transfer directly to it. Instead, the voltage from the solar panel runs through the solar regulator, which regulates the voltage to a safe level so that the battery does not get damaged, and it can do the job it is designed to do: power appliances.

Choosing a Solar Regulator

There are two types of solar regulator to choose from. There is the Pulse Width Modulation regulator and the Maximum Power Point Tracking regulator. Both do the same job of regulating voltage produced by solar panels, but offer different levels of efficiency. Pulse Width Modulation regulators are perhaps the most common type of battery charging technology, offering a cheaper option that provides around a 70% efficiency rate when transferring energy from the panels to batteries.

Newer to the market - and slightly more expensive - Maximum Power Point Tracking regulators offer a higher efficiency rate of 95 to 97%. This is achieved by transforming excess voltage to the correct level with an increase in current, rather than by simply clipping it. Time to buy? For buyers looking for a quality 12 volt solar regulator, eBay has a great range of solar energy supplies, providing the perfect place to compare all components for the best solar power set-up. Compare 12v solar regulator options to find the best quality and the best brands, at an affordable price.