Solar Energy Supplies

When there’s no access to electricity, rely on the largest – and free – energy resource: the sun. Solar energy is not only sustainable, but it is renewable, which means it will never run out. Cost-effective and a silent producer of energy, solar energy supplies such as photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into usable electrcity.

Solar energy supplies are especially useful when you are taking a road trip through the great outdoors and need flexible power support. The Megavolt Solar Folding Panel Mono Charging Kit with its 12V 160KW power absorbs maximum sunlight with the latest monocrystalline cell technology. Completely portable and foldable, you are guaranteed an effective output. What’s more, the L-shaped legs allows for stability on uneven surfaces and unpredictable weather conditions. Best of all, the folding panels are 100% silent so you won’t hear them while they’re at work.

If you’re after a more powerful solar energy supply, you can’t go wrong with a Saronic Folding Solar Panel Kit for your caravan, boat or camping adventure. Featuring 12V 250W of power, the high quality moocrystalline cells guarantee you an effective output. The solid copper foundation adds strength, while the ultra pure silicon delivers optimal power conversion. Additionally, the unique light-trapping surface grabs more power for you.

When you’re on the road, you need flexible power support that can only come from the sun. Create your own mobile and portable power generator for your camping adventure with solar energy supplies from eBay. Buy outright or try your luck with a bid to score the biggest discount on high quality products. Shop online today.