Aluminium Truck Tool Boxes

Aluminium Truck Toolboxes

For frequent do-it-yourselfers or those who work with their hands for a living, a truck toolbox is an essential piece of equipment to have. They are large enough to carry all your tools, including power tools and, if you're with your truck, your tools are always with you. This also helps protect them and ensures that you don't leave any valuable tools behind on a job site. Aluminium truck tool boxes are durable and often outlast the truck in regard to usefulness. They are available for any size truck and every make and model.

What types of aluminium truck toolboxes are there?

There are several different types of aluminium truck toolboxes available, including:

  • All-purpose toolboxes
  • Cross toolboxes have a separate opening on either side of the box
  • High-side toolboxes are narrow, taller boxes
  • Low-side toolboxes are lower, flatter boxes
  • Pork chop toolboxes are designed to go atop wheel wells
  • Saddle toolboxes are a compact style of box
  • Underbed toolboxes are designed to be placed beneath the truck bed

Some of these toolboxes have more specific purposes than others. In many cases, an all-purpose toolbox will suffice.

What do I need to know when purchasing a truck toolbox?

Besides knowing the exact make and model of the truck that you are purchasing the aluminium truck toolbox for, it is a good idea to know the exact dimensions of where the box is going to go. This includes the width, height and depth of the box. Most toolboxes are unpainted but some are available in colours. If matching the colour is important, this is good information to know as well.

What are some good features to have?

A convenient yet secure locking system is essential. Some possible options include push-button locks, three-point latch systems and standard closure that uses a padlock or combination lock. Removable parts bins allow you to keep the tools organised easily and rain gutters channel moisture away from the box and your tools.