Popular American Apparel Products

Live your California dreams with American Apparel from eBay

American Apparel is a Californian producer of clothing and accessories known for its bold advertising campaigns and its slogan: "Ethically Made – Sweatshop Free". It positions itself as a progressive brand that supports diversity and difference.

American Apparel T-shirts

American Apparel T-shirts are popular for their good looks, quality construction, and sometimes thought-provoking messaging.

Women's denim shorts

American Apparel has been making denim shorts for years. Fans find them to be long lasting and attractive. You'll find a great selection of high waisted denim shorts, some in fun flower prints that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Dog hoodies and tees

If you have a much-loved canine companion, you might be interested in American Apparel's range of doggy tees and hoodies. These adorable canine clothing items are a great way to keep your pooch warm or protected from the sun, and if you want to go super adorable, grab yourselves matching tees!

Men's and women's denim jeans

American Apparel makes a range of jean styles for men and women in wide leg, crop, high waist, skinny, and pencil cuts. You'll also find vintage styles here, if you're craving something from previous years.

Children's wear

American Apparel also produces clothes for babies and children. Basic, sensible pieces, they allow kids room to run, play, and grow. They come in a selection of bright colours that children are sure to love.

Party wear

One of this brand's most iconic pieces of clothing has to be its Disco Pants. Made from Lame Tricot, a proprietary mix of nylon and spandex, these metallic leggings and bicycle shorts are amazingly shiny and wonderfully stretchy. Perfect for parties, but also great for an easy pick me up – it's hard not to smile at these gorgeous pants.