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With decades of popularity behind them, American Girl dolls are still incredibly popular amongst little boys and girls around the world. They're also quite the collector's item for those interested in such things. And, those that have the dolls themselves love to add little bits and pieces in the form of American Girl doll accessories. These allow owners to slip on different outfits and other pieces to change up their favourite characters. eBay is home to everything from hard-to-find American Girl dolls to the accessories that let you customise them as you see fit.

What is an American Girl doll?

American Girl dolls debuted in 1986. They are dolls of little girls in a range of different outfits, ethnicities and from various time periods. They come with books that tell interesting stories about each girl, building afun narrative that adds a bit of extra out-of-the-box fun to this collection.

Other dolls available on eBay

There are a number of American Girl options that are offered on eBay, but there are also other brands of dolls you can choose from. You can choose from cloth dolls, Cabbage Patch dolls, fashion dolls, Australian dolls, Baby Born dolls and more. Whether you like to play with them, know a youngster who loves to do so or you prefer to display and collect them, eBay has a huge number of options.

With a fantastic array of American Girl dolls from which to choose, eBay is the place to turn when you're ready to add a new piece to your collection. Check out all the great choices today and find one that you or that special youngster in your life is missing.