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Amino Acid Dietary Supplements

Amino Acid Dietary Supplements

Amino acids are necessary for helping the body synthesise proteins, enzymes and hormones. They are also important for the overall functioning of neurotransmitters and metabolic pathways. Amino acid dietary supplements can help ensure that you have enough amino acid for your bodys everyday functions. Many people also take these supplements to help with healthy muscle growth and to improve their metabolism. There are many different types of amino acid supplements available so you can find one that suits your individual needs.

Amino Acid Powdered Supplements

Powder amino acid dietary supplements are great for those who like to have smoothies or protein shakes. You can simply add the powder to your drink and mix as usual. Some of these powders have a flavour, such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Others are flavourless or have a mild mineral taste.

Amino Acid Capsules

Capsule amino acid dietary supplements are a good choice for those who want to take their supplements on the go. These capsules are basically pills that you swallow with liquid. They feature a powdered amino acid supplement inside a gelatin or vegetarian plant-based capsule.

Amino Acid Softgels

Amino acid softgels are another type of supplement that you swallow. However, instead of a hard outer shell like a capsule, they feature a flexible exterior and gel amino acid concentrate inside. Many people find this type of pill easier to swallow. They also dissolve and release the amino acid into your system quickly.

Amino Acid Drink Mixes

Amino acid drink mixes are similar to powdered supplements, except that they are a complete drink in, and of, themselves. You can simply add the drink mix to water and it is ready to drink. These mixes come in a variety of flavours, but fruit flavours, such as orange and fruit punch, are most common.

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