Ammo Box

Start your collection with a bang with ammo boxes

Being a military antique collector comes with many benefits. There's a huge range of items to choose from, which makes starting a collection easy. From guns to swords, body armour to combat boots, bullet encasings to parts from a tank – there's always something eye-catching and interesting to help kickstart a new hobby. With the range of ammo boxes available on eBay, you can combine originality with a unique glimpse into the past, a sure-fire way to start or improve your passion for militaria collectibles.

Ammunition boxes, or ammo boxes, were used for storage purposes during many wars. Designed with durability, safety, and efficiency in mind, these crates held cartridges for a variety of weapons. Commonly made of steel, these items carry the weight of military history within them and were used for storing other items when the ammunition was in use.

Historically, wood and cardboard have also been used to create ammunition boxes, which add to the variety available for collection. Labels and spray paint on certain items can help enthusiasts trace back its origins. With airtight seals and lockable options, these ammo boxes have maintained their reliability throughout the course of time.

If you're interested in an ammo box for more practical purposes, plastic versions offer the same style whilst maintaining efficiency. Easier to move around than their metal counterparts, the plastic crates are durable and safe for food and drink storage. Along with being easily stackable, and available in different shades of green, these crates can add individuality to your storage needs.

So whether you're looking for something practical or eager for the next great find, look no further than the selection of Australian military surplus collectibles on eBay. Dating far back into the 1900s, these boxes represent the hardships and bravery of soldiers of that era and help bring appreciation to military history once again.