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Ampeg Guitar Amplifiers

Amp it up

Ampeg guitar amp stacks and bass combo amps remain to be some of the most versatile amps on the market. Over the years they have been chosen by many different guitarists for their rich tone and punchy bass. An Ampeg guitar amp comes in many different forms, ranging from combo amps to stack amps and so much more.

Tube Amps

Tube amps are suited to serious guitarists. An Ampeg amplifier is ideal if you are serious about your tone. The tubes will need to be changed over time and routine maintenance will also be required. Tube amps can be played at very high volumes and when played in overdrive, these guitar amplifiers will create a clipping effect. This is synonymous with tube amps and it is even present in Fender guitar amplifiers as well. Fender guitar amplifiers are very similar to Ampeg guitar amps.

Solid State Amps

Ampeg solid state amplifiers have various settings that can be tweaked. This is also available on the Ampeg SVT model. The Ampeg SVT model comes with a reverb adjustment and in some instances, it even comes with a chorus and delay button as well. Solid state guitar amplifiers dont cost as much when compared to other amps on the market and they often have emulators built in.

Solid state amps have the ability to recreate the sound or characteristics of a specific amp. Solid state amps can be played at lower volumes without losing any distortion as they dont rely on a tube to produce the sound. A solid state amp by Ampeg is ideal if you are practising or if you want something that is more portable. They are also ideal if you want to play at lower volumes or if you dont have the budget for a tube amp.