Grates and Andirons

Antique and vintage grates and andirons (also known as dog irons or fire dogs) give your fireplace a touch of old world charm and elegance. The heavy cast iron, wrought iron, brass, and metal grates are available in neoclassical, Edwardian, Victorian, retro gothic, and more modern styles.

Timeless fireside companions

Functional fireplace grates are a popular home décor feature in homes that appreciate timeless and traditional style. Choose from simple and plain metal or stainless steel basket designs, and elaborately decorated neoclassical and gothic grates that surround the base of the fireplace. Some styles also allow for drainage by boasting an ash collection tray at the base.

Firebox fire grates are available singularly and in rare matching sets. The rectangular fireboxes boast shapely short legs, sides with cut out detail, and high back plates. They were traditionally used to store firewood and coal.

Andirons add a decorative embellishment to any fireplace. Supplied in a pair, antique and vintage andirons are made from cast iron and brass. Most styles feature two feet at the front and ornate decorations that were popular at the time of their creation. Andirons with regal lions, figurines, intricate swirls, and hoops are timeless and will stand proudly next to your fireplace log basket.

Complete the look with authentic antique pieces

Fire grate boxes form the base of any fireplace, as this is the container that holds the burning wood or coal. The rectangular box is typically made of thick and heavy steel, with a raised railing at the front to keep hot coals from falling out.

Fireplaces that feature grates and andirons need cast iron fire fronts to complete the look. Jeunesse style cast iron fire guards have a timeless lattice design and an authentic aged antique finish.

Vintage firebox sets consist of two matching cube shaped boxes with metal sides and trim, and wooden bumpers. The set can be used as occasional additional seating by the fireside.