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Andis Clippers and Trimmers

Good grooming is as important as getting your outfit right, and it’s even more personal than that. You trim and sculpt and scape away to match the shape and contours of the face and work with the natural hair growth. No two people are alike in this regard, so any professional in the field of haircare and personal grooming, and anyone who likes to DIY that stuff, needs a professional clipper and trimmer. With a range of attachments of various sizes and shapes, you can deal with any situation the human body might throw your way.


Andis has your back on all fronts, producing a line of clippers and trimmers and the accessories that you’ll want with those, including but not limited to attachments, chargers, and brushes. Their clippers and trimmers offer up a wealth of options as well, such as rechargeable, cordless trimmers, trimmers with adjustable speeds, and clippers and trimmers specifically designed to be easy to travel with, whether you’re travelling or a hairdresser who visits folks at home.

Getting Attached

Andis hair blades, guides, and attachments are a range of attachables for Andis clippers and trimmers to help expand your grooming toolkit. You’ll commonly get a few of these with any trimmer or clipper, but you can also buy them separately. Different sizes and shapes will let you adapt to thick or thin, long or short hair, and still get the effect you’re going for.

Trimmers, clippers, and shavers

The difference between a trimmer and a clipper might not be immediately apparent to the layperson. Clippers and trimmers are both motorized, though you can still find some clippers that use hand action to move the blades. The main difference is that clippers are used to cut ad shorten hair, while trimmers are used for tidying and maintenance. Shaving machines are sort of similar, but use rotating blades to get an even cut as close as possible to the skin. You can get Andis clipper and trimmer sets to make sure your trimmer and clipper match each other optimally.

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