If youre looking for clippers, its likely that Andis will have a model to suit your needs! This brand is one of the most reputable in the world, and they make clippers for barbers, stylists, home users, farmers, dog groomers and hotels. But, how do you know which model is the perfect model for you?

At home or for work?

If youre buying Andis clippers for home use, then think about what level of clipper you need. You may not need the top of the range model to achieve a precise cut, especially of you are only using it occasionally.

If you are a professional stylist or groomer, then it is best to purchase one of the Andis Pro models. These models are designed for professionals and should have all of the features needed to make your job easier.

Cordless or corded?

Cordless clippers can improve manoeuvrability and portability but make sure you check the battery type and running time. Cordless clippers are notorious for running out of power quickly. Having a lithium or lithium ion battery will help to preserve power.

If you have a power socket close to where you cut, you might want to consider purchasing a corded set of Andis clippers. You wont have to monitor your battery use or wait while your battery charges. If you are buying a corded clipper set make sure you check the cord length, a long cord will provide you with more manoeuvrability.

Blade Type

The quality of the blade depends on how you will be using your clippers. A standard blade will be crafted from stainless steel. These are okay for home use or occasional professional use. However, if you want a more precise cut, consider a titanium or carbon blade.


Many pet groomers use Andis pet clippers. To keep the animals calm while you are grooming, we have other pet accessories including dogs beds and toys.

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