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Angelcare Nappy Disposal

The Angelcare Nappy Disposal system is the ideal, economically-friendly way to dispose of used nappies without the smell. Each refill cassette can hold up to 28 days of used nappies, meaning your home will be clear of nasty, lingering smells.


The unique Air-Seal system in the Angelcare nappy disposal units provides an effective odour-barrier due to the cassette multi-layer film technology. Simply push the nappies through the clamping system into the multi-layer bag for odour-free nappy disposable.


Nappies create a large of amount of rubbish, especially when each nappy is wrapped in a bag before disposal. The Angelcare disposal system reduces the amount of rubbish you throw away by wrapping all of the inserted nappies into one big bag, thus using up to four times less plastic than other systems.

Easy-to-Use Refill

Once the disposable nappies have been thrown into the Angelcare system, you will not have to touch or smell them again. Once it is full, simply remove the cassette, throw it away and place a new one into the unit. The system only requires one hand to push the nappies through, so you will always have a hand free to look after your baby.

Disposable Nappies

Disposable nappies come in dozens of different shapes and sizes and are generally made for children aged 0-7. Companies, such as Pampers and Huggies, provide high-quality disposable nappies and bedwetting pants that are easy to transport and provide excellent absorbency. Buying disposable nappies is a great way to save on energy as they dont need to be washed like reusable nappies.