Caring for your Newborn

Preparing for the arrival of your newborn is an exciting and busy time, readying yourself and your home by collecting all the essentials your baby will need, from the car seat and pram, to the crib and baby monitor. Providing peace of mind that your little one is sleeping well and is in the correct position, baby monitors act as a safety device, and will most certainly be something you come to rely on. Which is why it's so important to choose the right one.

Investing in the Angelcare Monitor

One option many parents trust is the Angelcare monitor, which offers not only an audio monitor, but also a live video feed of your baby as he sleeps. This allows you to not only listen to the sounds within the nursery, but to check on your baby's sleeping position, and to see when he wakes up.As everyone knows, it's just not possible for new parents to be with their baby at all times. There are chores to be done around the house, plus the occasional shower to be had as well. Some parents use their baby monitor to keep an eye on baby as he plays safely within his baby play pen, allowing them to do some cleaning, cooking or general odd jobs around the house. 

The Angelcare monitor has a number of features that allow for this, letting parents keep watch over their baby without actually being in the same room.Aside from offering an audio and video feed of baby, the Angelcare monitor also offers features such as an alarm that sounds if baby has not moved for more than 20 seconds, as well as a talkback function, which lets parents soothe their baby from another room in the house. The Angelcare monitor can also monitor the temperature of the baby's room, utilising an out-of-reach sensor that constantly checks on baby's welfare.Time to buy! Check out eBay's fantastic range of baby essentials to compare baby monitor options such as the much-loved Angelcare monitor. After all, there's simply no price you can put on peace of mind.