Animal Print Blankets

Animal Print Blankets

Animal print blankets can make fun decorative additions to your bed or couch. They are also functional, and some are large enough to use as your main blanket, while others are designed to work as a throw blanket or secondary blanket if you need extra warmth.

Fleece Animal Print Blankets

Fleece animal print and animal theme blankets feature ultra-soft material. They are great to keep on your couch and use as a throw. Most of these blankets are fairly thin, but the soft, dense material still holds a lot of heat. If you want an even warmer fleece animal print blanket, you can find a dual-layered blanket or one with a faux fur lining.

Polyester Animal Print Blankets

Polyester animal print blankets are ideal for cool weather because most of them work very well for insulating you and trapping in your body heat. Most of these blankets feature a silky soft texture. Some of the most common animal prints for these blankets are tiger print, zebra print, leopard print and cheetah print. You can also find them with a feather pattern or even a snakeskin pattern.

Flannel Animal Print Blankets

Flannel animal print blankets work well as a main blanket because of their warmth and soft texture. However, if you need extra warmth, you can use your flannel blanket under another blanket, which has a similar effect of wearing thermal undergarments under your clothing. Most of these blankets feature only a single layer of material, but you can find some models with two layers, and even some that feature a layer of down or synthetic insulation material.

100 Per Cent Cotton Animal Print Blankets

Animal print 100 per cent cotton blankets are lightweight and breathable, which makes them a good choice for warm weather. Cotton blankets are usually fairly easy to take care of, and many of them are even machine washable.