Animal Print Quilt Covers

Animal Print Quilt Covers

Quilt covers serve more than one purpose; they are decorative, and add style to any bedroom while providing a functional purpose of protecting your quilt and bedding. Whether you just use the quilt cover as an exterior decoration, or as an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights, animal print quilt covers inject pizzazz and visual interest into your sleeping space.

The Fine Print

No two animal prints are the same, and when you go to choose your quilt cover, youll find that animal print can mean one of two things; an allover print, such as leopard or zebra patterns, or a graphic design featuring animals, such as a cover featuring several horses, a deer, a tiger, butterflies, or wolves.

Size it Up

As with any type of bedding, size matters. Single-sized covers fit a single bed, while double-sized options fit a full, and sometimes even a queen. The largest size available is king. Youll notice some covers are versatile enough to fit a full, queen, or a king bed, but if you want a perfect, custom fit, opt for a size specifically for your beds dimensions.

Cut from the Same Cloth

When it comes to choosing the perfect quilt cover, material plays a big part in your decision. Options range from 100 per cent cotton animal print quilt covers to polyester animal print quilt coversas well as microfibre and polycotton. The most popular pick is largely cotton, due to its easy care regimen and softness. Polyester is durable and hardy, but cotton works better for sensitive skin, as its made with natural fibres. Polyester wrinkles less and lasts longer, but its not as breathable as cotton.

A Matched Set

For a beautiful, put together bed, consider purchasing a quilt cover set. Instead of simply buying the cover itself and having to match pillow cases and sheets, choose a set that comes with matching covers, sheets, a bedskirt, and even decorative pillows. This creates a focal point in your bedroom, and makes it easy for you to purchase a quilt cover knowing you dont have to take the extra time to choose and purchase separate pieces.