Animal & Rodent Control

Rodent and Animal Traps

Deter or snare rodents and small animals in traps designed to catch them to eliminate any potential health risks to your family through food contamination, as well as damage to your property. Many of the traps require bait to work.

Pest Type

Weed and pest control supplies include pest-specific traps because different animals require different methods of elimination. Electric mouse traps are small in size for indoor use, zapping both mice and rats immediately without suffering, while the larger cat and rodent animal traps work best with pests outside the home.


Check the trap material to see whether it is good enough to work or durable enough for numerous uses with a prolonged infestation. Outdoor cage traps are usually constructed from galvanised wire mesh because it lasts a long time and resists rust, while the snare traps have strong, corrosion-resistant steel or iron jaws that do not break even with an animal struggling. Many of the traps for live animals have a locking mechanism that does not allow the trapped animal to escape.


Traps that are easy to use simplify the task of setting them up for all, while those that use non-toxic material or finishes make them safe for use around children. Reusable traps are economical and good for a serious pest infestation that requires multiple uses. Consider catch-and-release traps if your heart prefers a more humane approach to pest control that does not harm the pests. This is time consuming as you need to release the pest out in the wild again.

How to Prevent Further Pest Infestation

Promptly seal up any holes, cracks or gaps in the walls, floors and foundation of your home to keep the pesky pests away. Keep a tight lid on your rubbish bin in a bid to eliminate their sources of food, water and shelter.