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Anker Chargers and Cradles for Mobile Phone

With the lower cost and increased availability, it is almost an expectation for everyone to own at least one mobile phone, and maybe two for people who are expected to carry one for work. Along with this expectation comes an additional one to keep mobile phones charged and readily available at all times. This can be hard to do for people who travel a lot or are not always in the range of an electrical power source. Good mobile phone chargers and cradles can solve this problem, especially if they are made by Anker, one of the leading mobile charging solution brands in the mobile phone industry.

Extreme Power

You may not be able to take everything with you when you go, but taking an Anker mobile phone car charger with you on long journeys helps to keep you and your mobile device ready for anything. Anker offers a variety of chargers and cradles with dual ports that charge mobile phones and other devices quickly due to the 24-watt power capabilities. There are even chargers that can handle up to four devices at once without overheating.

Dual Duty

The creators of Anker mobile phone chargers and cradles are always looking for ways to improve their products and make them more versatile for their users. One of the aspects that people enjoy about these chargers is the way that many models can effectively handle a variety of charging needs with just one charging device. Need a standard port and micro-USB-to-USB cable combination? Anker can handle that need as well as give users the option of charging Android and Apple mobile phones at the same time.

Advanced Technology

Anker cables and chargers are infused with a variety of technologies that make charging fast, effective and safe. The patented PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Anker technologies combine to charge mobile phones and other devices without sacrificing the integrity or performance of the mobile device. The addition of the MultiPower Safety system protects devices from power surges and controls temperatures during charging to keep electronics and owners safe.

Portable Power

One of the main goals of Anker is to give people a way to keep their mobile devices fully charged wherever life takes them, even if they do not have access to traditional outlet power sources. Anker mobile phone power banks keep mobile phones charged wirelessly while also being compact and easy to use. Simply place the phone on top of the charged power bank and enjoy a full charge in only a few minutes. There are charging options for almost every type of device on the market so mobile phone users of every type can receive the same high-quality equipment and reliability of Anker chargers and cradles.