Ankle and Wrist Strap Home Gym Attachments

Ankle and wrist straps allow you to use the already-versatile home gym to perform even more movements. They are ideal for comfortable, effective isolation of various arm and leg muscles.


Most ankle and wrist strap strength training attachments follow the same design pattern. An adjustable strap, usually made from Velcro, wraps around the ankle or wrist and is tightened for a secure fit. A larger padded panel underneath the strap prevents it from cutting in as the weight is moved. A D-ring attached to the strap provides an attachment point for a clip, so you can fasten it to a weight machine or cable tower.


Wrist and ankle cuffs allow users to perform arm and leg exercises without having to grip the weight, removing a potential point of failure from the movement for more effective isolation of the target muscles. They are especially useful for leg exercises, as they are more secure than the alternative of simply putting your foot in a stirrup handle home gym attachment. Cuff weights are particularly popular for rehabilitative exercises as cable machines provide constant, even tension throughout the movement.

Cable Machines

Wrist and ankle straps are most often used with a cable tower, or the cable tower portion of a home gym. Cable towers have several important advantages over free weights. One of the most important is space: cable machines allow many different exercises to be carried out in a compact space, making them far more useful for small spaces than free weights or individual weight machines. They are also easy to use and extremely versatile. From a training perspective, their main advantage over free weights is that the force that you are working against is always along the line of the cable, not necessarily towards the ground. This opens up a wide range of potential exercises that cannot be easily performed with free weights.

Other Attachments

Wrist and ankle cuffs are not the only strength training attachments attachments that can be used with a home gym. Gym-goers can use a wide range of accessories to target different muscles and allow different exercises to be performed, including stirrup handles, straight bars and V-handles. The tricep rope home gym attachment, for example, is used to perform arm exercises such as tricep pushdowns, pulldowns and rows.