Ethical Eastern Influence by Anokhi

Anokhi has established itself as a retail role-model, for ethically-conscious consumers and those keen to support local trade practices. Over the past 40 years, the Indian brand has pioneered good business practice and helped support textiles skills in the craftsindustry. Their garments are lovingly made, featuring kaftans, embroidered jackets, bohemian style dresses and much more.

Look cool in kaftan

Beautifully tailored with stylish prints, Anokhi’s organic long tunic kaftan gown is a bestseller with good reason. This hard-to-find style on the high street is available on eBay, in a variety of prints in its trademark indigo blue. Clinched in the waist and grazing ankles, its long floaty style is both elegant and distinguished. With wide sleeves to the elbow, you’ll be able to step out in style. For leisurewear, there are even beach kaftans in a host of bright and vibrant prints that scream summer.

Original prints

Anokhi is known for its large collection of prints. You never know what you might uncover on eBay, including rare finds such has purple floral prints and ivory gold swirls. Some styles are also reversible, including Indian print jackets for girls, which helps to extend their shelf life.

Eastern influence

With a nod to the east, there are plenty of Asian influence flowing out of Anokhi’s prints and range. Their garments are a true celebration of life, and pair beautifully with jewellery and watches, bangles and bracelets alike. Their bohemian style dresses, kaftans and tops in particular look fabulous with a row of gold bangles.

Keep cool in cotton

The vast majority of Anokhi apparel comes in 100% cotton. This makes it easy to clean and wash, as well as keep its shape. It’s also ideal for warmer climates, since cotton is a great material for keeping cool in. Extra consideration has been given to the floaty loose-fitting style of their merchandise – great for sunny warm days.