Anti-Slip Mats

Anti-Slip Mats

Stone, tiled and wooden floors can present a slip hazard if you're not careful. If you have mats or rugs placed in busy areas of your home, it's wise to secure them properly. This isn't only necessary to avoid trips and slips but also to keep your rug or mat where you need it to be.

You can also find multi-purpose anti-slip mats for other slippery surfaces, like inside the bath or shower. New and used products are both available, so you can find the right product to suit every budget.

Rubber Grips

Rubber or similar materials can be used as rug dashes in areas like living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Items come in black and neutral colours, right through to brighter shades if you need something to blend in with an existing colour scheme.

Examples include multi-purpose rugs that can be used in the home, office, caravan or car, adding padding as well as slip protection. There are also rolls of anti-slip products that can be used in anything from inside drawers to doorways.

Stick on Products

If you'd prefer to secure your rug or mat with a reusable stick-on product, there are plenty of options available. These are perfect for awkwardly sized rugs or to stick onto one specific place on the floor.

Often, these items come as corner pieces, to be attached to each corner of your rug. Simply peeling off the bag and sticking it onto your rug will keep it in place and they can often be reused.

Anti-Slip Underlays

Anti-slip underlays are especially useful for larger areas of unsecured carpets. Slimline and self-adhesive, they usually come in larger pieces that can be cut to size. They are made to stick carpet type floor coverings to hard floors. Items include secure grip rug grippers in cream and PVC reusable foam liners.