Imagine the hundreds of thousands of book available throughout the years, old Australian books classics, non-fiction and fiction books- eBay has them all.


Read about the history of Australia, wildlife and the people who shaped the country into what it is today. History is not just about what happened in the past, documentations and perceptions of history also come into the equation, therefore books on history is really a study of the human condition, and those who know their history, will be able to see patterns in human and societal behaviour emerge. Second hand and new book on Australian history will uncover hidden perspectives and nuances in Australian culture.

Text Books

Text books are expensive to buy brand new - it's possible that eBay has a second hand or previous editions of the text book listed on your reading list for high school or university - if not it doesn't hurt to enquire with one of our sellers to see if you can save a few dollars without affecting your learning.

Fiction and Non-Fiction

Australian books and writers of fiction and non-fiction are some of the best in the world. eBay has a variety of award winning classic, second hand and new books available to spark your imagination and interest. Non-Fiction Australian books give the reader insight into the lives and events of others from their perspective, creating rich stories that are only made better by the fact they are in fact real. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch or relaxing on a beautiful beach somewhere with a riveting Australian book.

Children's Books Australia

Reading a book to your children is one of the most important things to do with your kids, not only does it encourage them to read, but as you read to them or with them they learn to read themselves. Australian books for children teach little readers about Australian wildlife, stories and people while engaging their senses, imagination and excitement.