Antique Antique Beds and Bed Frames

An antique bed is your crowning glory

A bed is so much more than a place to lay down after a days work. It's somewhere to curl up and watch tv after a busy week, drape clothes across when looking for the ideal outfit, lay down items for holiday planning, and of course, a space to relax and conjure up a long peaceful sleep filled with happy dreams.

You could call it the crowning glory of your home, so why not seek out the decadence that the decorative shape and styles of antique beds can offer. Subtly theatrical and full of allure, it's the perfect complement to your vintage and antique furniture.

A solid cast iron start with a brass end

Be it a single, double, or queen size antique bed you desire, there is a style and shape that will appeal to your boudoir décor. The clean lines and slight decoration of antique Victorian bed frame made from wrought iron often come with head and footboards, to ensconce you from head to toe in a decorative cradle of elegance.

Wrought iron often comes powder coated, so check the condition of the paint on the bed in case you need to repaint. If this is the case, with simple treatment, there is a palette of colours at your disposal to contrast or complement your bedroom colours. Or why not strip the paint back and reveal the iron below, an effective material for stand out impact when paired with the twinkle of brass detailing.

Bedroom antics and theatrics

Half tester beds add height to a room, and their delicate hoops like shapes are ideal for draping mosquito nets and lace across for maximum luxury. Seek out unique shapes and sizes that may come from old school and hospital dormitories are a charming way to add intrigue to children's rooms.

Solid wood beds are the ultimate for show-stopping bedrooms, highly lacquered pieces will shine and reflect soft lighting perfectly. And for added comfort and a simple extravagance, source a bed with a headboard made with luxe upholstery or detailed carving taking your bedroom into new realms of decorative theatrics.