Antique Desks

Antique desks make the perfect statement piece in any room

Working from home or remotely whilst away travelling on the road has never been more popular which makes finding the ideal desk an absolute necessity when decking out your interiors. Finding your ideal antique or vintage desk takes some consideration, particularly when mixing and matching alongside existing items of antique furniture such as an oak bookcase, walnut cabinet, or Victorian sideboard.

Antique desks are a popular choice for hallways, dining rooms, and offices as accent pieces to add an aspect of functional decoration. For impact, you may choose to source out two antique pieces in the same wood and style, such as a writing desk and drinks cabinet in a warm mid brown mottled walnut wood. Here on eBay, youll find a vast array of styles, shapes, and materials to choose from, each with their own charm and function.

Antique desks and bureaus

Enticing objects to sit down at, antique desks often commanding an air of serious presence when utilising the well-crafted form of a solid mahogany Chippendale rolltop design, or opt for a classic antique Victorian desk. When space is a consideration, a bureau may seem a weighty object, but at the end of the day, folding into a perfect cuboid shape leaves a room clear and clutter free. Both these styles offer an ideal space for storing confidential papers and notes.

Antique davenports

These ornamental styles of writing desk include drawers and a sloping surface specially designed for writing. For a theatrical element so prized in the Victorian era, you might seek out an antique desk with inlay marquetry, secret drawers, pull out sections, and intricately carved support pedestal.

Antique writing tables

A smooth flat writing surface is the focus of these desks, often more simple in their form than other styles of desks but theyre no less eye-catching. Check for gilt tooled leather tops for added comfort, or visible dovetail joints for a craftsmans touch and ornate brass drawer handles to make the details sing.