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Antique Asian amulets for every traveller

For centuries, travellers have known about the virtues of keeping a talisman with them whilst they embarked on often long and treacherous travels. Not quite in the realms of magic, amulets are a source of sacred blessing, worn as protection to keep the traveller safe from harm's way and in the path of luck.

Travellers these days may be more likely to be off on a quick trip for a weekend rather than an adventurous quest, but either way, an antique Asian amulet is an ideal offering to any wanderer as they set off on into the unknown, and is perfect for completing your collection. From Chinese talismans to Japanese pendants with a jade statue, there's something for everyone.

Sacred symbols and antique pendants

Chinese amulets are often made of antique jade and take the form of petite pendants to be worn as a necklace on a piece of coloured silk string. These Chinese antiques are popular collectibles items and are often worn for fashion

Dragons, or sometimes dragons heads, are a popular carved shaped for pendants as they are powerful figures and symbols of strong energy to bring increased health, wealth, and abundance. Charms shaped as coins are also popular, worn as bracelets crafted of bronze and silver inscribed with symbolic meaning.

Thai amulets are also used to enhance one's luck across all aspects of life and are traditionally blessed and consecrated by Buddhist monks. They are therefore called Buddha amulets and are often made of plaster, copper, bronze, or stone. These Asian antiques are connected with specific provinces around Thailand and depict the Buddha, or a Thai saint or monk who was based at the temple in the province.

More ornate amulets come in the form of cast or carved objects, such as a Tibetan handheld rotating bronze scripture inlaid with semi-precious turquoise. Or carved jade tubular totems, engraved copper amulets sealed containing prayer scrolls and crystal set Thai leklai amulets. Once you begin to explore the enchanting world of amulets, you are sure to find an Asian amulet that speaks to you.