Asian Artistic Culture

The Asian culture has evolved over many eras, developing a wide selection of artistic pieces throughout the years. Asian antiques include various types of designs and calligraphy on many types of materials including ceramics, fabric, metal, and wood. The objects range from scrolls and screens to porcelain ware and furniture.

Antique Asian Categories

Different types of Asian antiques vary by their origin. Some of the most popular are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and Southeast Asian. Each culture adds their own art and flair, but all are known for their intricate detail and delicate designs.

Antique Asian Boxes

Many collectors are familiar with ancient Asian figurines, jewellery and vases, but the antique Asian chests and boxes are also a big part of the culture. For instance, Chinese boxes and chests are rarely ever simply designed; the wooden ones often had a thick layer of lacquer that was complexly carved and polished. Some chests were even made from filigreed silver or carved bones. These chests varied in size and shape and were made to hold jewellery, trinkets, games, and some were even large enough for small storage. Antique Asian wooden chests are generally larger than the porcelain ones and are more likely to be used for storage.

Other Asian Antiques

Other Asian antiques that are often seen today include representations of dragons and lions, which are said to be sacred creatures offering protection, and are generally placed in gateways as a pair of statues. These statues are usually made of marble, jade, ivory, porcelain, or bronze. The sacred creatures also appear as designs on scrolls, vases, dinnerware, and jewellery.

Original Asian Antique vs. Reproduction

Depending on the type of collector you are, you may choose to only seek out original antiques, but some reproductions can still make a good addition to its associated collection. Some items, especially wooden ones are reproduced using the original material and traditional Chinese furniture parts to recreate the original Asian style finish. Reproductions are generally declared, but many objects still have the original look and feel as the first time it was manufactured.