Antique Asian Rings

Antique jewellery has a unique charm that sets it apart from modern jewellery. Owning antique jewellery, including antique rings, is akin to owning a piece of history. Antique Asian rings can originated from anywhere within Asia, including China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. 

What Materials are Antique Asian Rings Made Of?

Antique Asian rings are made of a wide range of different elements, depending on what was accessible at a particular point in history. For China and Japan, jade was a material that was easy to come by, so jade rings are common ornaments in these countries. Other materials that you can find include wood, porcelain, bronze, stone, brass, enamel, bamboo and grass. 

What are Common Designs of Antique Asian Rings?

An antique ring can feature many different styles. A dragon ring is common for Chinese culture enthusiasts, while brass or metal carved rings may entice those who like Tibetan or South Asian designs. Rings with cabochons are also common, as precious and semi-precious stones were regularly used ornaments in the past. Note that many rings from Asia come from more recent times in history, as rings  were not part of the dress code for many of these cultures in the beginning.