Antique Chinese Swords

China is one of the oldest civilisations in history and with that, comes highly developed military power. While collectable Chinese swords are merely for ceremonial purposes nowadays, some very old arms are still floating around and make excellent display pieces. From bronze and steel to jade and gold, antique Chinese swords were made in various materials.

The Jian

The Jian is the traditional Chinese straight sword whose creation dates back 2,500 years. The Sword of Goujian is the earliest specimen, and while it's securely housed in the Hubei Provincial Museum, excellent replicas are available for purchase. In addition, smaller versions called Jian daggers feature simple yet robust designs. Get one that dates back to the Han Dynasty if you want a simple yet elegant conversation piece, complete with a fluted pommel that gives it stability.

Bronze Swords

Bronze was the metal of choice in early civilisations, and while they don't keep their edge throughout years of storage, they are still great ornaments. Simple swords like those from the Warring States Period of 475 to 221 BC are still around today _x001A_ a testament to the lasting quality of bronze. These antique bronze Asian swords are typically coated with anti-corrosion layers to protect the metal within, so a skilled blacksmith may even restore these to their former glory. Early Jians were made of bronze.

The Dao

The Dao is a single-edge Chinese sword with a heavy and slightly broader tip width designed for chopping. It is a type of sabre, which in English can be considered a broadsword as well as there are varieties with even wider blades. They would make a striking piece to hang on the wall, especially when restored and framed. Its familiar shape leads people to believe that the sword is an adaptation of the kitchen knives used commonly in Chinese cuisine.