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Antique Musical Instruments

Antique Musical Instruments

They say very few things age as gracefully as wine, but antique musical instruments may also fall into that category. Made with a level of craftsmanship that is hard to find in modern day instruments, antique musical instruments are great not just for playing, but to collect as well. Antique instruments, which originate as far back as hundreds of years, are not to be confused with vintage instruments, which usually refer to instruments that originated from the last 50 to 70 years.

String Instruments

Types of antique string instruments include violins, mandolins, and harps. Violins are especially popular, as some musicians have the opinion that antiques are sturdier and give off a better quality sound than modern instruments. Antique mandolins and harps may not have as big a following, but are still in demand by some enthusiasts.

Keyboard Instruments

Popular antique keyboard instruments include pianos, organs, and accordions, and many have a finish that is difficult to find in modern day instruments. While many enthusiasts purchase antique keyboard instruments as collectibles, there is still divided opinion on whether if when played, the quality of these instruments is as good as modern models. It may be wise to check with an expert on the playability of a particular model that you wish to purchase.

Wind Instruments

Flutes are possibly the most common antique wind instruments, though you can also find antique trumpets and trombones. The four commonly found antique flutes are Renaissance flutes, Baroque flutes, Viennese-style romantic flutes, as well as Boehm flutes, which come from different time periods. The sounds of these flutes are distinctive from one another.


Antique percussion instruments usually refer to various drums and cymbals. These instruments create rhythm and originate from a very long time ago, which is no surprise due to the fact that many ancient civilisations utilise drums as part of a music ensemble or even just to announce war. You can even find antique drums with tribal motives, which are perfect as collectibles.

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