Antique Rugs

There’s no better way to class up a room than adding some antique rugs and carpets, and maybe some antique furniture while you’re at it. Just any old rug won’t do however; there’s a difference between merely old and antique, and it starts with a cultural pedigree.

Rugs From Anywhere

Most parts of the world have a tradition of making rugs and carpets. Often these traditions go back hundreds and hundreds of years, and feature distinctive styles, materials, and even colours. Antique rugs and carpets from China often have cooler colours than carpets from elsewhere in the world, along with very distinctive designs that need to be paired with suitable decor, for instance. Rugs from other places are often just as distinctive if you know what to look for, and a canny interior designer can use all of those with the furniture and other antiques to really theme a room.

A Pedigree of Craft

A carpet is just a rectangle of fabric, right? Except any antique carpet or rug with pedigree to it will have been made in a specific way, by people trained in that carpet’s traditions. Be sure to get original antique rugs and carpets for your home. These techniques have survived the test of time because the carpets do too.

A Room for Every Rug

There are a lot of things to consider when picking a rug out for your room. The pattern is one; if you’re getting a rug with graceful, looping patterns it shouldn’t go in a room with a lot of angular shapes. Likewise, a carpet with straight lines and right angles isn’t right for a room with furniture full of curves. Another factor to consider is size. The carpet needn’t cover the whole floor, especially if the floor is actually a feature in itself. It’s fine to just cover the main circle of seating, unless it’s a larger room and you’d like to add some noise dampening.