Go back in time with these Antique Sewing Machines

A brief history of The Sewing Machine

The sewing machine was put into use in the 1790's during the industrial revolution, they were used to create clothing for companies as opposed to creating clothes by hand, since then, industrial and domestic machines have allowed production of clothing upon a mass and individualised basis.

Where can I find an Antique Sewing Machine?

Antique sewing machines have both historical and collectors value, some sewing machine collections may have only produced a few hundred pieces, which means that with each sewing machine, the collectors value increases. The most 'sought after' collectors sewing machine are made by Singer, their sewing machines dominated the sewing machine industry due to their quality construction, affordability and reputation of being able to find a missing part with ease.

What do the Antique Sewing Machines Come With?

The models come with a variety of capabilities and accessories, whether you intend to utilise these antique models for the purpose of sewing, or to keep them for collectors purposes, they come with all of the necessary components. The parts that the sewing machine come with are needles, bobbin cases, foot pedals and thread, with an inbuilt light bulb, should the model have included it. Whether you are looking for an antique or modern sewing machine you shall find a diverse selection of models on eBay.

How do you maintain an Antique Sewing Machine?

Be sure to keep your sewing machine protected from dust, sunlight and other elements by utilising a 'dust cover', whilst storing it away from the damp in a protective, cool place. If you decide to use your antique sewing machine, ensure that you only utilise high quality thread and clean the interior components regularly. You can tell the collectability of your sewing machine through the serial code, easily searching it on the internet to determine the rarity of your existing model, or prior to purchasing a model online.

Are there other Antique Models?

On eBay you can find a diverse collection of other collectable items, such as Vintage Type Writers, amongst other Vintage and Collectable items, whether an Antique Milk Can, Antique Safe, or Collectable Clothing.