Antler Suitcases

Antler Suitcases

When it comes to travel suitcases, Antler is one of the most trusted brands on the market. Antler luggage has become well known for its stylish, yet practical designs that can meet the needs of any trip.


Antler suitcases come in a range of different sizes and storage capacities, from small cabin suitcases to large suitcases. These travel suitcases come with both internal and external pockets to help you keep everything organised and packing straps to keep everything in place and wrinkle-free during transit. Many Antler suitcases are also expandable, increasing your storage capacity only when you need it.


Antler’s range of travel suitcases are extremely durable, thanks to their sturdy, structured design. This durability is enhanced for models that feature hard polycarbonate shells, but this added durability can increase the weight of the travel suitcases. For those seeking something lighter but don’t want to fully sacrifice durability, there are also a range of Antler lightweight travel suitcases to choose from. Antler suitcases also feature fixed and/or recessed combination locks, providing security and safety for your belongings.

Ease of Use

Antler suitcases feature excellent manoeuvrability, with gliding wheels that rotate a complete 360-degrees. The travel suitcases also include several handles, designed for comfort, that suit any travel scenario. In the unfortunate situation that your luggage gets misplaced, many Antler suitcases feature internal ID tags.


Whether you prefer a classic or highly distinctive design, Antler has the right look for you. Rather than solely focusing on functionality and practicality, Antler suitcases also feature modern and tailored designs that add to your travel style. These designs often blend style with durability so that there’s no compromise in either direction. Antler’s range of travel suitcases also come in 3-piece sets, so that you can coordinate your luggage and look.