Ride in style with Apollo Bicycles

Cycling is a sport which encompasses racing, mountain biking and cyclocross and is also an increasingly popular leisure activity. More and more people are now using bicycles instead of the car for commuting to save travelling costs, avoid traffic and improve health, fitness and their general wellbeing. They have come a long way since those early Penny Farthing models. The bike may look simple, but it is a sum of complex parts which are constantly being innovated by leading bike manufacturers.

Australian Apollo

In Australia, the Apollo bike company has been manufacturing bicycles for the Australian and international markets for 35 years. They use their own in-house technology to design and test their bikes. Apollo bicycles typically feature alloy frames and chromoly steel forks and Shimano gears. Shimano is the world leaders in producing bike components and is high quality and reliable. Apollo manufactures a comprehensive choice of bikes made with high-quality parts for men, women and kids.

There is something for everyone wanting to buy a bike from entry-level children's bikes, mountain bikes to high-end road cycles, and everything in between. Their bikes are of high performance and quality and are designed to meet the demands of the Australian terrain such as rigid frames for hill climbs and fast descents and rough road tracks. Even though the frames are alloy, the bikes are lightweight and easy to carry.

Great value

Many riders also compare Apollo very favourably to the more high end cycle manufacturers, citing functionality, durability, quality, design and value for money as reasons. Their range of bicycles include on road, mountain, touring, commuting, cross country, folding, women and kids' bikes. They also have lifestyle bikes including two tandem models, the alloy Tandem Elite and chromoly Tandemania Sport as well as two electric bicycles.