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Apple AirPods

Experience the Benchmark in Voice Engineering: Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are among the most well-known accessories introduced by Apple. The crisp audio is complemented by built-in microphones that help filter out the background noise. You can also use them to take phone calls and communicate with the digital assistant, Siri. Using optical sensors and accelerometers, the AirPods can automatically pause once the AirPods are taken out of the ear.

What are the different types of Apple AirPods?

You're likely to find three different versions of AirPods. These are:

  • 1st Generation: Launched in December 2016, the first-generation AirPod can be connected to any device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Also known as AirPod 1, they always come with a case that can be used to offer 24 hours of battery life. You're also likely to find a lot of refurbished AirPods.
  • 2nd Generation: Introduced in March 2019, the Apple AirPod 2 comes with a charging case or a wireless charging case. Apple claims that they have better audio and voice quality compared to AirPod 1. Physically, they look identical to the first generation.
  • AirPods Pro: In October 2019, Apple offered an upgraded version. This unique gadget features active noise-cancellation and an automatic frequency profile setting. They are also water-resistant and offer interchangeable earphone tip covers.
What are the most distinguishing features of AirPods?

Unlike the traditional earphones, this wireless gadget fits comfortably in the ear using the anti-slip feature. It gives you a battery life of five hours that can be extended to 24 hours using the charging case. One-tap setup for Apple devices and instant connection to other well-known operating systems is another noticeable feature.

You can easily use it for calls and music. The Double-tap feature comes handy when connecting to Siri or chancing tracks and playing music. Overall, these Apple AirPods are known for their comfort, easy setup, long-lasting batteries, and automatic play/pause features.

What devices are they compatibility with?

Apple Pods are compatible with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Besides the traditional Apple operating system, the device seamlessly integrates with Android. You can also experience full functionality with Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Mac models using the macOS Sierra will also support the gadget.

If you want to use them with the Apple Watch, just make sure that the Apple Watch is using the watchOS 3.0 or a higher version. Similarly, the second-generation AirPods will offer streamlined performance when used with a device running iOS 12.2 or macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or higher version.

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