When Apple created their desktop computer their vision was to create the ultimate desktop experience. People who use Macs love Macs. If you are looking to buy an Apple desktop you know its a big investment. eBay can help you find a Mac to meet your budget.

Set up is easy

An Apple desktop is easy to set up. The operating system that powers all Macs is universal. You can choose between re-conditioned and ex-office Apple computers with an updated operating system. The apps are inbuilt and universal so you don't need to buy software to start working. With every dock the same, its easy to navigate your way around any Mac.   iMac - The sleek design

The iMac gives you a simple, space saving, sleek design. With everything built in to the iMac you aren't wrangling towers and screens. The aluminium body, tilting stand and  wide 21.5, 24 or 27 inch glass screen makes iMac a contemporary desktop that looks good in any decor.  You put it on the desk, plug it in and turn it on. Your mouse and keyboard can be connected or separate.

Mac Mini or Mac Pro?

Already own a compatible display, keyboard and mouse and just want the Mac operating system? Consider Mac mini with sufficient memory for home use. It can plug into your tv as an alternative to Apple TV. If you are in graphic design, video and image management with high level usage, the Mac Pro is the highest end model of all Apple desktops.

Integrate your Apple devices

An iPhone and iPad user? Feel instantly familiar. An Apple computer has the same apps you use on your iPhone or iPad. All the apps work with iCloud, so your calendar, contacts, and apps can be integrated on all your Apple devices. Your  mobile devices can access whats on your desktop.   Its easy to buy an Apple desk top or other computers online with eBay. You can shop by product name, price and new or used filters. Have a look at eBay for Apple desk top computers today.