The Apple Laptop Family

Featuring beautiful sleek lines and a slimline package, Apple laptops are designed to look good. But of course, as this is Apple, its laptops are about more than just looks. Apple designs laptops so that they are intuitive, so they work seamlessly with all other Apple products, and most of all, so they do the job they are supposed to do, incredibly well indeed. When it comes to buying one of these little beauties, the only tricky part is working out which member of the Apple laptop family to choose.    Within Apple’s current range of laptops and notebooks, there is the MacBook, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. While the iBook and PowerBook are both still around, they are no longer manufactured by Apple and are only available to buy second hand. Choosing between the MacBook, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro means looking at the features on offer, and then comparing them to the features required. Oh, it also means looking at the budget too. While an Apple laptop can be a truly awesome piece of kit, it can also stretch the pockets, especially when customisation is involved. But for anyone who is willing to spend the money, the right Apple laptop can totally be worth the cost.

Comparing Features 

Choosing the right Apple laptop involves doing a little bit of homework. Each member of the laptop family offers something different, and each generation within that family will differ from the next. One of the first features to look at is the processor type. By comparing options on eBay, it’s easy to compare features such as processor type, whether that’s Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i5 3rd Gen, Intel Core i5 4th Gen, Intel Core i5 5th Gen, or Intel Core i7 4th Gen. Another way to compare options is to look at processor speed, whether that’s 1.00-1.49GHz, 1.50-1.99GHz, 2.00-2.49GHz or 2.50-3.00GHz. What other key features should be compared? Be sure to look at memory and hard drive capacity, storage type and operating system, screen size and colour. For those with budget constraints to think of, a used or manufacturer refurbished option could be the perfect alternative. For those who want to buy brand new, eBay has that covered too.