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Apple Mice, Trackballs and Touchpads

Apple Mice Trackballs and Touchpads

Apple is known for their high-tech computers and other products. When it comes to using their line of desktop machines, called the iMac line, the brand makes it simple and seamless to scroll, point, and click to your hearts content. This is due to its user-friendly Apple mice, trackballs, and touchpads.

Wired Up

There are two basic types of mice; Apple wired computer mice, trackballs, and touchpads, and wireless mice and peripherals. Wired mice plug into your computer and attach via a connected cable. Choosing a wired mouse is essentially a personal preference. Since they dont require batteries to run, wired mice can last for a long time without requiring replacement. Called the Mighty Mouse, Apples version of the wired mouse is a sleek, egg-shaped peripheral that offers one-button use and USB connectivity. The wired version is configured to complement the OS X operating system.

Going Wireless

Wireless mice use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your machine without any cables necessary. These Apple optical computer mice, trackballs, and touchpadswork in tandem with your iMac to create a smooth, seamless computing experience. Dubbed the Magic Mouse, this wireless version offers an early, battery-powered edition, or a newer upgrade version that uses a Lightning cable to charge, negating batteries altogether. Reduce lag and scroll easily with this optimised version of the beloved mouse.


When it comes to computer mice, trackballs, and touchpads, there are some more specialised peripherals. One of these is the Apple touchpad. Called the Magic Trackpad, this wireless option uses the companys patented Force Touch technology to allow you to click, swipe, and scroll to your hearts content. Functional, fun, and rechargeable, this trackpad pairs perfectly with your keyboard and mouse.

The Key of Life

The Apple Magic Keyboard offers the same wireless capabilities that the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse do. Featuring a rechargeable battery, this very responsive keyboard has flat, slim keys that make typing a breeze. Sleek and portable, the keyboard lets you access your apps and widgets at the touch of a button, as well as control media.