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Apple Headsets for Mobile Phones

Have you lost ANOTHER pair of headphones? Your answer is solved with these discounted genuine Apple Headsets.

Being 'handsfree' is essential in today's world, discussing the new business report whilst feeding yourself, the dog and the kids, is achievable, and even easier thanks to these wireless headphones from Apple. Multitasking is a dream, switch between music, phone calls, Podcasts or watching a film on your device.

Music influences your mood, your attitude and your outlook on the day. No matter your method of commuting to work on a morning, an uplifting playlist, with a clear crisp quality being played through your headset, let's you start the day on good footing. Apple Headsets on the Market: The Original Apple headphone can connect to your Mobile Phone through the 3.5 mm AUX Jack on your phone. A great collector's item or good to have kicking around the house as a spare pair. Airpods with the unique, game changing shape, are designed to fit with the shape of our ear, fitting comfortably all day long. The Airpod come with a variety of choices for connectivity to your Smartphone, whether you choose to use the original wired pair connected through the AUX with a 3.5mm Jack. Wireless Earpods Apple W1 chip drives the wireless Earpod and battery efficiency. Instant connectivity and automatic play when placed in your ear, and automatically pause when you take them out, Siri is your wireless wizard, letting you make calls or shuffle songs.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Over Ear Headphones If the Wireless Earpods are up your alley, but you would prefer something a little more sturdy for your HIIT workout then check out these over the ear headphones. With Bluetooth allowing music streamed straight from your favourite device all day, 22 hours of battery life means that flying from Perth to Paris doesn't involve taking your headset off.

No matter what sort of mobile device you have, the variety of headsets available on eBay ensures you will be able to find a pair that suits your needs.