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Apple TV Home, Internet, and Media Streamers

Digital media streaming devices are commonplace in most American homes. They allow people to watch television and movies on demand, and come from a number of large companies. Apple TV first hit the market in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular streaming devices in the world. Apple has a large and devoted following, and Apple TV can work in collaboration with other Apple devices, like the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and MacBook. There have been five generations of Apple TV streamers, with the fourth and fifth generations in production today.

Apple TV 4K

The most recent Apple TV, also known as the Apple TV 4K home Internet media streamer or the fifth generation, enables users to have a more clear image, with a 2160p output and the fastest processor for an Apple TV to date, the Apple 10X Fusion Processor. This allows for faster and higher quality streaming of television and movies. Not only that, but users can play compatible games with the Apple TV 4K. Additional features include streaming podcasts, mirroring compatible Apple devices and screencasting, when available. Users can access their photos, music, apps, and games through Apple TV 4K. Siri, Apple's voice-controlled search programme, is accessible through Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K comes with the most sophisticated remote control. HomeKit, an add-on security monitoring system also has functionality through Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4 is still in production. Similar to the Apple TV 4K, it uses a sophisticated remote control and uses the tvOS operating system. It is not as fast as the 4K model, utilising the Apple 8 processor, and uses a lower performing graphics programme. However, same version of tvOS 11.0 is compatible with the Apple TV 4, making it a viable option at a lower cost.

3rd Generation Apple TV

The third generation Apple TV home Internet media streamer had two releases, with the first being in 2012 and the other nine months later, known as the 3rd Generation A Apple TV. The A model was equipped with a new processor that proved to be more effective in high-quality streaming. Both versions were capable up to 1080p streaming. The operating systems differed in both models, but both were capable up to Apple TV 7.2.2. After this model, Apple began using tvOS.

1st and 2nd Generation Apple TV

The first generation of Apple TV began in 2007 and lasted until the second generation came out in 2010. Both systems vary greatly in appearance and operating systems. The first generation used Apple TV Software 3.0.2, while the second generation utilised Apple TV Software 7.1.2, based on iOS. It also allowed users to rent content on the iTunes store, a functionality that had not previously been available. Users could access Airplay, and enough memory was present in the device so that buffering was less of an issue and videos could stream in a more seamless manner.

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