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Apple Tablet & eBook Cases, Covers and Keyboard Folios

Apple iPad Cases, Covers, and Folios

The great thing about an iPad is that you can take it with you wherever you go, but that also means it needs to be able to stand up to more than a typical computer, or even a phone that can hide in your pocket. Additionally, some folios and cases will let you prop your iPad up for easier use.

Size Matters

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is what cases are compatible with your model of iPad. iPad Air 2 cases, covers, and keyboard folios won’t fit an iPad Mini 2, you’ll need iiPad Mini 2 cases, covers, or keyboard folios for that. There are some cases and covers that are compatible with a wide range of tablets, and these tend to be a bit looser fitting. A good example of this would be a wallet-style cases. These are easier to carry over when you upgrade to the next model, but take up more space in your bag.

So Does Shape

There are a lot of different shapes and types of tablet cases and covers as well. There’s the aforementioned wallet-style cases, but there are also fitted rubber covers, hard shells that click in places around your tablet, sleeves, and pouches. Some even have integrated keyboards that you can use when you prop the tablet up, a lot like an extremely lightweight laptop. Apple makes cases, covers, and folios for the iPad themselves, and there’s also a wide range of third-party support.


You might not think of tablet cases, covers, and keyboard folios as having a lot of features outside of the obvious, but besides offering protection from impact and water they can also integrate features such as integrated stands and lights. They can even be smart, magnetic covers that protect your screen while the iPad is in your bag so you don’t get any scratches. Then, when you want to use it, you can use that same cover to prop your iPad up for more comfortable use.