Apple Watch Series 1 Smart Watches


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Connectivity on the go with Apple Watch Series 1

Designed to offer serious functionality when out and about, the Apple Watch Series 1 helps you to live a healthier lifestyle. Available in either silver aluminium or space grey, you can choose a smartwatch to match your personal style. Customise your device with Apple Watch straps in a variety of bright colours and premium materials. 

Software and specs

Make sure you keep active by constantly tracking your movement throughout the day with the Stand, Move and Exercise rings. These show you a visual representation of how much you're active, or inactive, throughout the day. Compare your rings with your friends to add a competitive element. 

You can easily check your heart rate throughout the day to gain an insight of your resting or workout heart rate. 

Not only does this Apple smartwatch feature apps to help you keep healthy, it also offers apps to keep you connected to your friends and loved ones. You can send and receive messages from other iOS devices on your watch thanks to the Messages app. 

Sync your favourite songs, albums and playlists to keep you going during intense workouts and listen via wireless headphones for an unencumbered experience. 

Activate the virtual assistant, Siri, with your voice. Siri can open apps, send messages and even play music for you. Use Apply Pay to pay with a quick contactless payment, perfect for when travelling on the tube. Or use it to pay for in-app purchases or items online. 

The Calendar app alerts you to any upcoming meetings so you never miss a thing. The alter will tell you what you're doing, with who and when you're doing it. You can also set up the News app to give you notifications on the latest news. 

Make sure you know where you're going when out on a run, or enjoying a long stroll, with the Maps app that offers step-by-step directions.