Apple Watch Series 4


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Everything You Should Know About the Apple 4 Series Watch

The Apple 4 series watch for sale on eBay is known for its design and functionality. Introduced in 2018, the watch is equipped with user-friendly software that is easy to learn and operate. It also comes with comprehensive motivational health and fitness features.

Differences between the Apple 4 series watch and Apple 3 watch

There are three main differences between the Apple 4 series watch and its predecessor. The most obvious is the larger display, which is 35% larger than the Apple 3 watch. In addition, the Apple 4 comes with a more powerful processor and it has a variety of ECG functions for health-conscious consumers.

If you like a larger watch display, the Apple 4 series watch provides it. Not only is the display larger but it has round edges, making full use of the available frame space. Conversely, the Apple 3 offers a display area which is smaller than the Apple watch series 4.

While many of the hardware features of the Apple 4 series watch are like the Apple 3, its S4 processor is two times faster than its predecessors. The new Apple 4 also offers an improved accelerometer, fall detection, Bluetooth 5.0, and an electric heart sensor.

The redesigned watch face incorporates more detail and graphic information. You can view stocks, track sports team scores, and view other information as well. It also has a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) that measures your heart's impulses, and it's waterproof up to 50 meters.

What’s the maximum connection distance of the Apple 4 series watch to the iPhone?

The Apple 4 series watch uses a Bluetooth 5.0, which helps you to remotely connect your watch to your iPhone. From a technical aspect, the watch can connect to the iPhone and transfer data up to a maximum of 800 feet. Depending on the Wi-Fi signal, the layout of rooms, and other obstructions, this distance may vary from user to user.

What colours does the Apple 4 series watch come in?

The Apple 4 series watch comes in three aluminum finishes. You can choose silver, gold, or space grey. You can also get an Apple 4 series watch in gold stainless steel with a Milanese band.

When would you want to buy a preowned Apple 4 series watch?

It might be a good idea to purchase a preowned Apple 4 series watch if you want to try out an Apple watch without breaking the bank. An Apple 4 series watch might also be the most appropriate choice if you have an iPhone that's not compatible with other editions of Apple watches.