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Explore the Features of Apple's iPad Air 1st Gen Tablet

Apple released the first generation of iPad Air tablet computers in 2013. If you are looking for a small tablet that can provide entertainment and that can help complete various daily tasks, search for new and pre-owned iPad Air 1 devices for sale on eBay. Taking a look at some of the main features of this tablet can help you during the browsing process.

Camera types included with the Apple iPad Air 1

The iPad Air first-generation tablet has two cameras, one for the front of the device and another on the back. Here are the technical specifications for each camera:

  • Front: The front camera on any iPad Air for sale on eBay has a 720p high-definition display and can take photos at 1.2 megapixels.
  • Rear: The camera on the rear of the iPad Air 1 has iSight technology and includes features such as image stabilisation for clearer shots, a filter with an infrared setting, face detection to recognise figures in photos, and HD resolution.
Can you get an unlocked iPad 1 ?

Yes, you can find affordable unlocked iPad Air 1 tablets for sale on eBay. An unlocked first-generation iPad Air is not tied to any network when you receive it. If you are not yet with a carrier , you may want to check out the new and used iPad Air 1 models that come to you unlocked. However, if you already use a carrier and would like to stick with that company across all your devices, you can look for iPad Air tablets that are already locked and part of the same network. You'll be able to use your locked iPad Air 1 from Apple once you register it with your network.

Choosing your first-generation Apple iPad Air 1

Most Apple iPad Air tablets have the same basic features across different versions. However, you can still choose the type of device that has the native storage capacity you think you might need. Storage capacities for iPad Air 1 tablets for sale on eBay are measured in gigabytes for your convenience. You can use this measurement to estimate the size of the tablet you might want. iPad Air tablets with 16 GB or 32 GB capacities are the most common versions you will come across. In addition to the storage area, you can also choose the colour palette you prefer for your Apple tablet. White, black, or silver iPads are available for purchase at inexpensive prices.