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h2>3 Pros of the Apple iPad Pro

In the past, tablets were used for reading books and perhaps surfing the web. Now, we expect a lot more from our devices. Luckily, the Apple iPad Pro does it all. Designed for business, the iPad Pro's long battery life, large screen, and advanced accessories make it one of the best tablets for both work and play.

It means business

Though the Apple iPad Pro is great for home use, Apple has geared this tablet toward the business-minded. The Apple iPad Pro has an A10X processor, which means this iPad can handle even the biggest apps and programs without lagging or freezing. The powerful processor makes it one of the fastest and most efficient tablets & eBook readers on the market.

It has a beefed-up battery

If you love to work on the go, then battery life is especially important. Because the iPad Pro is larger than previous models, Apple has been able to add a larger battery that offers a long life, even when you're connected to wi-fi. The long battery life will allow you to work on your commute without needing a charger nearby.

It offers the Apple Pencil

Though tablet and eBook accessories aren't a new idea, the Apple Pencil takes it up a notch. With extreme accuracy, you can use the Apple Pencil to draw, take notes, and improve productivity. Pair the Apple Pencil with the Apple iPad Pro keyboard, and you'll be surprised by how much you can do on this tablet.

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